Monday, September 8, 2008

As Audrey would say: What a load of waffle!

We've all had to write the dreaded English paper, with correct spelling, grammar, and the inexhaustible list continues perpetually. Then, after you yourself have perfected this piece, you hand it off to the nearest cookie (personage), to do what you hope will turn out to be constructive criticism, but in the end, hands you an additional load of depression.
Well, I'm not even at the "additional load of depression" yet, and already, my brain is a load of waffle, or (in the words of Jamie) Gobbledygook!
This is a tribute to all those who have pressed forward with waffled gook for a brain but finished the final word, the final sentence, only to find you have another hour of perfectionism to go. Good luck to those of you who may still be in that stage of your pointless endeavor.

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